Dust collector



Dust collecting system (Dust Collector)

Presently dust collector pupular using the bag filter that so cheap but actually life time is so short also , often peplacing 1-12 months / year including effect directly to your production that have to be dtopped and replacing bag filters.

You will lost productivity much by wasting time to replacing bag filters , spend much money to stock and nuy bag filters per year.

The most dangerous thing is effecting to workers who have to replacing bag filter , they have to risk to harming that toxic dust.

We'd like to present Sinter Plate FIlter (eff 99.997%) , life time expect more than 5-15 years and friendly to enviromental .


All model of sinter plate filter designed for all industrial

  -  Foods Industry

  -  Chemical

  - Cement , Mining

  - Pharmaceutical

  - Glass Industry

  - Jewelly

  - Metal Treament Processing

  - Cement Industried

  - Foods Industries

  - Chemical Indstries








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