Alpha FIlter (Temp <450 C)

Hot Gas Filtration



  • Suitable for incinerator , Biomass Gasifier , Operating temperature up to 450°C (842°F) , high checmical resistance at high temperature 
  • Designed as cluster set and high efficiency filtration with particle 1-2 micron 
  • Alpha Filter  is strong structure
  • Cluster made by Stainless steel
  • Patent  Herding® ALPHA filter 
  • Vertical installation so its easy to cleaning by inert gas


  • High efficiency 99.95%
  • Operating life time expect to 10 years
  • Cleaning by Jet pulse system by compressed air or Innert gas
  • High temperature resistance 450 °C (842 °F)  
  • system can be designed using with Unburned Carbon with Pre-costing system
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Cluster design so easy to install in the filter body
  • Compact design  
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