Beta Filter (Temp < 200 C)


Beta Filter <200 C



Beta Filter

Beta Filter has been produced by  PPS ,(Polyphenylene sulfide) with the Sintering Process so its the metric structure and using at high temperature < 200 C the surface is coated by  PTFE so the pore size is fine and can be filtering the partical size as 0.5 Micron  , easy to cleaing by Jet Pulsewith a small compressed air . Life time expect to 5- 15 years  


Operating temperature  < 200C


Benifits and advantages

  • Low maintenance and life time expect to 5-15 years
  • Low pressure drop  
  • Washable 
  • No composition of Fibre so dust can be recovery  
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Can be using for any dust
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